Killarney Historic Rally 2019

Marshal’s we need your help….

Chief Marshall – Marie O’Donoghue  Phone(086)0750409

COC – Darren McCormick Phone (083)8280693

Marshals for the Killarney Historic Rally 2019 will be provided with accommodation and meals if you are helping out.

Because of the need to have your accommodation sorted in time for the event, marshals who intend to take up the offer will need to register with the rally’s Chief Marshal well before the rally weekend.

Contact the Chief Marshal

Marie O’Donoghue Phone(086)0750409

Saturday’s Meeting Point details for Marshals

SS1 & 4 Molls Gap:

Stage Commander:
Deputy Commander:

Ss1 Molls Gap Marshals meeting at entrance to Muckross House and Gardens at 6am. 

SS2&5 Ballaghbeama

Stage Commander:
Deputy Commander:

Ss2 Beallaghbeama Marshals meeting at Whytes Centra Kenmare at 06.45am

SS3 & 6 Shanara

Stage Commander:
Deputy Commander:

Ss3 Shannera Marshals meeting at O’Sullivan’s Londis,  Killarney road  Killorglin at 7.30am

SS7 Rockfield

Stage Commander:
Deputy Commander:
Meeting at : Centra the Reeks Filling Station,

Ss7 Rockfield Marshals meeting at Faha National school at 12.10pm 



Stage Commander:
Deputy Commander:

SS8 Coolick Marshals meeting at Centra the Reeks Killarney at 12:30pm


WAnt to become part of the team?

Would you like to become part of the team behind the Killarney Historic Rally 2019 ?

Well here is your chance, now you can join the team and become one of the people who make this event happen! Want to know how? It’s very simple, just volunteer to become a marshal. Over 300 marshals are required for the one-day event, to play a major role in the success of the rally. Without them it could not happen and you could become part of that team!

If you are available on the weekend of  30th November 2019 and would be interested in becoming involved then please get in contact with the Chief Marshal: Marie O’Donoghue (086)0750049, 

Diarmuid Cronin (087)2887388 or 

COC Darren McCormick (083)8280693

We would be happy to hear from anyone who is available, from the first time marshal to the experienced.